KPT Kowalski

phone: + 48 12 250 90 70
fax: + 48 12 250 90 71

Lazany 151
32-020 Wieliczka


Our services

DELIVERY UNLIMITED - according to our mission from the head near Cracow, Poland we provide domestic and european transportation services - import/export in flexible options. Specializing in transportation to / from Germany and Benelux countries, every day we reach new european destinations making them regular routes.

Glass, steel, aluminium, wood, paper, electronic components, car spares and accessories, food are only few basic goods we deliver throughout the Continent. All transportation we provide according to CMR - Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road.

Our powerfull, efficent fleet is based on newest Mercedes and Volvo trucks, and meet the EURO5 emission standards. The company is targeted to modernize the fleet through purchase of new vehicles with eco-friendly engines which lowers the level of air contamination.

Our fleet comprises trucks of almost every size:

- semi-trailer std (13,6m x 2,45m x 2,60m)

- semi-trailer std (13,6m x 2,45m x 2,70m)

- semi-trailer std (13,6m x 2,45m x 2,75m)

- semi-trailer std (13,6m x 2,45m x 2,80m)

- semi-trailer std (13,6m x 2,45m x 3,00m)

- semi-trailer refrigerated (13,6m x 2,45m x 2,60m)

- semi-trailer 115m3 - 120m3 (7,7m x 7,7m x 2,7 m)

- curtain siders

- isotherms

- coilmuldes

- jumbo trucks

Safely, on time, working on high tech logistic systems we are at your disposal
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.